Cardano FREE1 stake pool

This is the Cardano FREE1 stake pool home page.

Our team of Cardano enthusiasts is happy to welcome you! We have supported the operation of several stake pools in the ITN network since the very first days of this test network. Now after the transition of the main Cardano network to the Shelley era, we are happy to invite you to the wonderful world of decentralization.

We won’t reveal a secret if we say that maintaining a pool is now a fairly simple task for an IT specialist. For us, maintaining the pool and supporting the Cardano network is more of a hobby and fun than a profitable project, at least for the next year or two. Therefore, we intend to keep the pool margin equal to 0% until the pool becomes saturated (we hope that this will happen sometime). Our plan is to support our pool responsibly and earn a reputation as a reliable pool among delegates.

Now we have registered a stake pool with the Ticker FREE1 and ID: 5254329935732eb7c5e674ae1930942056357a801a81823666a7a563 in the main Cardano network. Some interesting information about the pool can be found at AdaStat, AdaPools, PoolTool and CardanoScan.

You can follow the news of our stake pool in the Telegram channel. Feel free to ask any question in the linked conversation group.

Thank you for your support!